Lesbian Explains How to Please A Woman w/ Sam Jay (Netflix You People)


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We got Sam Jay in the building to talk about “You People” on Netflix right now, working with Eddie Murphy, the pressures of being “the man”, and how she stopped cheating. Check her Netflix specials and catch her on tour. INDULGE! 00:00 Samdrew Jayte Joins Us 01:45 Cheating was a phase - Sam’s reformed 03:58 Bust the profile wide open - new calibre 06:50 Cheating + Clean for a year + Sam loves her Fiancee 18:51 Accepting your blessings 22:18 Aren’t Preachers just using God’s bars? 23:26 Who dissed Drake worse? 31:27 Andrew’s and Sam’s Amazing Performance in “You People” 37:01 Capitol riots + Whites don’t care about being White 40:49 A woman attaches her value to a man’s status 44:45 The responsibility of being a man - not understood well 48:38 Advice on being a great boyfriend 51:42 Being a great girlfriend & Pressure of being a man 56:06 Toxicity - masculinity and femininity 01:04:02 Cheating’s real impact 01:08:45 Stepping up + Emotional Risk 01:13:26 Give people the time to react 01:19:49 Everyone texted their girlfriend 01:21:22 The ick is real 01:24:11 Sam too rich to be in a rush 01:27:12 Sam is masc. + bumping into Exes 01:29:32 Atlanta allows Black people to feel free 01:36:37 People ruining the place we want to visit

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