Aba on Cucks, Islam, and White Chicks


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What's up everybody, we're back with a Flagrant OG Aba on the show and we've got a wild one for YOU - INDULGE 00:00 - Qatar securing the World Cup + flexing on ME 09:10 - Middle East is much more racist than you think 12:17 - Aba loves White Women too much to be Muslim 14:01 - How the Burqa was invented 16:40 - Islam is the future + Red Pill bigger than ever 20:01 - Aba - Is comedy hiding real political opinions? 30:37 - Aba never got pum pum after a comedy set 32:46 - I don’t think Aba can dance, yo 34:32 - Patrice O’Neal + Call Her Doggy podcast 37:32 - Different expectations for Black Men 39:10 - GOAT Ugandan Pastor + Dr Umar Johnson 42:18 - Aba delivered justice to a snow bunny 47:33 - BDSM is for weak men 49:00 - Are Americans the biggest cuhcks? 51:39 - No to kink-shaming + real equality 55:13 - Aba’s worst experiences happened with White Women 57:13 - GoFundMe for Big E’s Starlink to Brittany 58:25 - Aba is Muslim all along

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