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Douglass Lodmell was born in Geneva, Switzerland. From an early age, Douglass stood out as one of the brightest minds of his generation. His capacity to make the complex simple allowed him to excel during law school, receiving the Jacobs Burns Medal, an award given to the single student with the highest GPA. He completed his Legal Masters (LL.M.) in taxation at the nation’s leading tax program, New York University School of Law. He was further selected to clerk for one of the most famous Federal District Court Judges on the bench, The Honorable Jack Weinstein in the Eastern District of New York. Douglass credits this experience as one of the most formative to his unique understanding of the legal system and what really happens behind closed chamber doors. After graduating with honors, Douglass joined his father, Gary Lodmell, a pioneer in the field of Asset Protection, founding Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C. and becoming one of the nation’s leading Asset Protection Law Firms. Today his firm protects over $4 Billion in client assets. As Managing Partner of Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C., Douglass spends much of his time teaching, speaking, and leading thousands of business owners, corporate executives, investors and other professionals who have often worked most of their lives to accumulate wealth of various types, including real estate and securities. Author of the book, The Lawsuit Lottery: The Hijacking of Justice in America, Douglass highlights the true workings of the legal system, including how the courts have been taken over by the financially driven legal machine and the lawyers who run it. He also discusses how “Legal Extortion” has become the name of the game and how reform is far from reality. Douglass is a regular speaker at events nationwide educating audiences on understanding how to use Asset Protection to protect wealth and increase productivity. He is married to his wife Awa Lodmell and together they have 3 children and is an avid pilot in his spare time.

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