Episode 218 ATV-TALK on The Road: "Huevos Invitational Part Two"


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ATV-TALK made an appearance to cover the Huevos Invitational event. We got to see the track getting built, got to do interviews, and went live on Instagram to show off the event. This is a must-listen recap of the Friday-Saturday events. Bracket racing single elimination as groups of 2 lined up. Rastrelli vs Hoag was first this started a very fantastic event. As you will see from race to race the tires did the job of making a huge equalizer. The tires did not decide all the racing outcome but most of it. Five different talents and skill sets were present.

The crowd was growing as the heats rolled out the cheers were loud everyone had a favorite, the west coast fans were seeing the east coast stars live not in their environment but still live and in person.

They rolled through the heats into the semi-finals. John Natalie the 47-year-old 2-time champ was taking the crowd by storm until childhood fan walker fowler ended his time on the race. This set up Bryce Ford & Walker Fowler to race and decide who would face Hetrick in the final.

Tune in and listen to hear all about the Huevos Invitational event. Smash the like button please share the episode with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe to youtube.

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