Episode 34 - A Dog to the Past


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On this week’s show we’re ordering donuts and falling in holes in Donut County. We only get 12 days notice to race through 5 games leaving game pass including JRPG behemoth Final Fantasy XV and an early contender for Andy's most hated game of the year, and in the news this week there’s a major Xbox 180 and the entire internet wants a ludicrously tall vampire lady to step on them.


Xbox Game Pass - New Additions

[03:08] - Overview


[04:05] - Desperados 3


[08:37] - Donut County

Xbox Game Pass Leaving Soon

[14:18] - Overview


[17:23] Death Squared

[29:27] Sea Salt

[38:51] Fishing Sim World

[44:01] Final Fantasy XV


[01:05:51] - Indivisible


[01:08:54] - Xbox double the price of Xbox Live Gold and then immediately backtrack

[01:15:47] - Resident Evil Showcase & The Tall Vampire Lady

[01:24:04] - Vicarious Visions merged into Blizzard

[01:27:32] - Updates on Ninja Theory's Project Mara

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