23. oktober 2019: What the hell? a conversation with Michikazu Matsune & André Eiermann


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In this talk, artist Michikazu Matsune and dramaturg André Eiermann share the process of What The Hell and discuss different forms of performativity in the public space. The Bergen version of the project What The Hell is developed and performed by the students of the Master's Program in Fine Arts at the University of Agder. Michikazu Matsune is a performance-artist and choreographer who works in various contexts and spaces such as stage, museums, public and private spaces. His interest lies in testing poetic absurdity to reflect our society critically and playfully. His interdisciplinary performances investigate themes such as the relationship between body and objects, action and language, place and behavior. Michikazu Matsune is originally from Kobe/Japan and based in Vienna/Austria. André Eiermann is associate professor for theatre at the University of Agder, where he leads the interdisciplinary master’s programme in fine arts. He works as performance-artist and dramaturg in different contexts, often in interdisciplinary and site-specific projects, is educated at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen (Germany), and has coined the term postspectacular theatre with his homonymous phd-thesis (Postspektakuläres Theater, 2009). He is researching in the intersection between theory and practice, recently with particular focus on performing art in controversial areas and contemporary art's relation to situationism. The event is part of the discourse program "Radical Failure" of the theatre festival Meteor 2019 in Bergen

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