Biz Bevs & Bites Episode 010 - Touching the Hearts of People in Business & in Life with Joy Klohonatz


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Episode 010 – Touching the Hearts of People in Business & in Life

Cindy and Kelli had a wonderful conversation with Joy Klohonatz who has been touching the hearts of clients, customers, and business colleagues for over 20 years.

Making people feel appreciated is in Joy’s DNA. Joy shared stories and strategies of how to make people feel like they matter.

Joy told us, “If you can find a way to get to people's hearts, then you will get their business. You will get their respect; you'll get their trust.”

Joy believes in sending a card to people to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, etc. When you do this on a regular basis, especially with your clients, you’re staying top of mind with them in a nice and thoughtful way, which can lead to referrals for your business.

Fun fact about Joy - she was one of only seven female General Managers with K-Mart and spent 23 years with the company.

You can connect with Joy through her website or via email

Hosted by: Cindy Ellek and Kelli Komondor
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