The Punisher S2E4 S2E5 S2E6 "Scar Tissue" "One-Eyed Jacks" "Nakazat" by Netflix


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BleedTV Zack, Jake, and Cash dive into streaming services with the ultra violent and brilliantly acted The Punisher. We are finally back to where we are suppose to be New York City! Frank wastes little time getting the information he needs to start and piece together who he is going against. Russo starts to put together a team and paint a picture for what he ultimately wants to do. Pilgrim is a bit of a confusing character whose background we are hoping gives us some clues as to whats going on. Frank finally decides that it is time to fully embrace The Punisher again.

Streaming shows bring a different type of difficulty to podcasting, so please let us know what yall think about the format. Let us know if you like it, or want us to try and change how we do it, because we would love to bring yall more of these!

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