NFL Championship Game Week, Australian Open


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It's conference championship weekend and the odds have never been tighter with all four remaining teams all within a (slightly weighted) coinflips chance of making it to the Super Bowl. How will Patrick Mahomes' ankle injury impact the Chiefs' offense and what would the difference in odds be for a Chiefs team with Mahomes out, limited, or at 100%? The NFC has come down to the two best-rated teams in the conference and likely the two best coaches. What will separate these teams on Sunday and who will blink first? Can the 49ers limit Hurts' explosive playmaking and can Purdy avoid turnovers in a game likely to be decided by a razor-thin margin? And in Australia, the first major of the year is underway and Patrick and Seth take a look at a resurgent Victoria Azarenka and just who might be able to stand up to Djokovic.

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