Sentencing: The Final say


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This true-crime story concludes with sentencing three years after the most violent attack on journalism in American history. In this episode, we hear the reaction to Ramos' sentence from shooting survivors and victim’s families. The Prosecutor said convicted mass murderer Jarrod Ramos made it a one-sided fight. "He should not get the last word.”

Before sentencing Ramos, the Judge heard emotional statements from some of the families of the 5 people murdered in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette Newspaper on June 28, 2018. They asked for the maximum sentence, life in prison without the possibility of parole, so they wouldn't have to re-live their nightmare by being called on to testify if Ramos ever sought his release.

Practicing lawyer and former reporter Chris Gordon ends by explaining why he came out of retirement to start this podcast. Gordon looks at the lessons this case teaches us about why and how this happened. And he tells us what the journalists who went through this ordeal would like us to do to protect the First Amendment.

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