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We here at Cast Party are SO incredibly excited to announce our brand new off-week mini-series, Fables of Fendraeya!

Fables of Fendraeya will tell the tales of past historical Fendraeyan events, be it a major political turning point, a budding tense conflict, or a world-shattering cataclysmic event, all through the eyes of a new Director. Fables of Fendraeya will feature new faces to Cast Party, new characters to love and invest yourselves in, and a brand new gripping story.

Our first series, as you just heard, is Fables of Fendraeya: Arcanum. Join this group of adventurers as they explore the early days of the Magistrate firsthand, when they were known to the world as The Arcanum. Fables of Fendraeya’s first official episode drops Monday, July 11th

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