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Dove Award-Winning pianist Paul Cardall takes listeners on a journey from the rise of a new moon in September through the New Year.
Paul said, "These introspective, tender, piano compositions have a minimal style of music reflecting the growing pains of a beautifully complex world. I'm alive because beating in my chest is the heart of a deceased man, thanks to organ donation. I understand that life is filled with irony, misconceptions, confusion, and yet darkness can't exist in the light. Our mortality is also filled with so much beauty, joy, serendipitous relationships. I want to capture all of these emotions in my music and hope it may will comfort and offer hope to listeners."
Cardall's compositions have evolved in the two decades he's been recording piano music. His style and technique have evolved into a modern Classical style. He gives you a very strong grounding in his piano skills. Each composition has a concise structure, simple compositional techniques, manageable technical requirements, and basic harmonies. Pieces are thought-provoking melodies, subtle, and feature simple powerful string accompaniments. In addition, Cardall employs a minimalist approach that includes repetitive patterns or pulses, steady drones, consonant harmony, and reiteration of musical phrases or smaller units.

  1. September Winds
  2. Beyond The Wall
  3. New Moon Rising
  4. First Snow
  5. Sleeping Flowers
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Advent Prayer
  8. Leaving Nazareth
  9. Hush, Little Baby (The Mocking Bird Song)
  10. Hearts of The Children
  11. Hearts of The Fathers
  12. December
  13. Our Beating Hearts
  14. A New Year

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