Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 70: Vader Meets Ackbar, Is Hunted By Tarkin & Discovers The Death Star (Darth Vader #13-18 & A2)


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Mike embarks on the third volume of the 2017 Darth Vader comics; The Burning Seas, tackling plot points of Vader confronting Gial Ackbar & King Lee-Char on Mon Cala, hunting down an ex-jedi padawan, before he is then hunted by Tarkin and Annual 2 shows him discovering the true power of the Death Star, all in one great episode! Mike also gives more information on numerous connections including the inquisitorius, Mon Cala & their star cruisers, Tarkin and so much more – this is a must-listen for any fans of the Dark Lord or Star Wars in general!

These comics are set just approximately 1 year after Revenge Of The Sith, in 18 BBY.

All standard issues were written by Charles Soule, with Giuseppe Camuncoli as penciller, Daniele Orlandini as inker and David Curiel as colour artist for all issues excluding 16, as Java Tartaglia & Guru eFX are colourists on issue 16.
Darth Vader Annual 2 was written by Chuck Wendig, with Leonard Kirk as penciller, Walden Wong & Scott Hanna as inkers and Nolan Woodard as colour artist.
Issue 13 was released March 2018, issue 18 & Annual 2 were released July 2018, the trade paperback collection was released April 2018 and the hardcover of volumes 1&2 was released October 2018. The omnibus with all 2017 Vader comics will be released October 2021.
This story is heavily linked to the 8th volume of 2015 Star Wars comics (Mutiny On Mon Cala) which are issues 44-49 and Mike tackled these on ep 48 of SWCIC.

Mike tackled the first two volumes of 2017 Vader in ep 62 & 66 of SWCIC. For the 2015 Vader run (set after A New Hope), check out episodes 15, 17, 19, 23 & 29 of SWCIC, plus ep 41 features the Vader: Dark Visions anthology mini-series and ep 49 is the Target Vader mini-series.

Charles Soule wrote the High Republic novel Light Of The Jedi as well as the following SW mini-series; Rise Of Kylo Ren (in ep 1 of SWCIC), Obi-Wan & Anakin (ep 11) and Lando (ep 18).

Check out the last episode of SWCIC where Mike embarked on the final issues of the 2015 main Star Wars run of comics; Rogues & Rebels! In the finale, Luke recovers his lightsaber, Han is captured by Boss Carpo, Chewbacca goes head-to-head with Darth Vader and C-3PO makes some new friends, while Empire Ascendant’s “An Echo Of Victory” provides a small window into the mindset of Poe Dameron’s parents; Shara Bey & Kes Dameron! Plus Mike provides information on the Wampas of Hoth and some history of A-Wings!

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