Creating a 100-Bagger with Sean O’Connor, CEO of StoneX Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SNEX)


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My guest on the show today is Sean O’Connor, the CEO of StoneX Group (NASDAQ: SNEX), a $1.2 billion dollar market cap financial services company that generated over $50 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2020. Sean became the CEO of International Assets Holding Company in 2002 and was a key architect of the 2009 transformational merger with FCStone that serves as the foundation of what StoneX is today. During his tenure, the company has been quite acquisitive and has added several new product lines and geographies. Currently, StoneX is involved in a number of businesses, including:

- Risk management and hedging services

- Commodities trading

- Equity securities trading

- International payments; and

- Foreign exchange services

Sean has been a steward of a stock that is now 3.5 times higher than it was when the FCStone merger closed, a period of time in which book value per share is up over 4 times. In this wide-ranging discussion, we cover:

- Sean’s philosophy on M&A and integrating companies

- How StoneX approaches risk management and what the company has learned from prior mistakes

- The process of incubating and funding an international payments business; and

- How financial services companies can distinguish themselves from competitors

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Timestamps for this episode:

1:50 - Introduction to SNEX CEO Sean O’Connor

3:35 - Why even attempt a transformational merger during the Global Financial Crisis

12:04 - The challenges associated with deals where the minnow swallows the whale

19:30 - Deep integration vs. a hands-off approach post-acquisition

23:00 - Building a differentiated risk management culture at StoneX

31:01 - Important lessons from significant loss events

37:11 - Starting an international payments business from scratch

44:04 - How StoneX looks at cryptocurrency as an opportunity

47:37 - Creating a moat around StoneX despite the competition

59:13 - StoneX’s relationship with regulators and becoming good at regulation

1:03:19 - Key elements that have propelled StoneX’s valuation

1:06:27 - The most underappreciated aspect of StoneX: long term-compounding

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