Ep. 147 - Financial Finesse


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For the first "one-on-one" in quite a while, Alex welcomes a friend and first-time guest, Nabeel, to the podcast. During this financially-focused hour, Nabeel talks about some of his own financial Finesse, as it were, and endeavors as they relate to pursuing happiness and personal freedom. You can find and get in touch with Nabeel @liquidpharaoh on Instagram. Let him know Craft Heads sent you. If you enjoy the show, please smash a 5-star rating on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatever platform you use! Featured cocktail: T-Pain's "Got Money" Date of recording: 7/30/22 Email us: craftheadspodcast@gmail.com Support us: patreon.com/CraftHeadsPodcast craftheadspodcast.com

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