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Blogs and, later, social media created business opportunities that would have been unviable without the potential for a global audience. Using community building, amongst other techniques, entrepreneurs have been able to reach customers through a shared interest. In Superfans, entrepreneur Pat Flynn shares the story of how building a personal following affect the success of his businesses. In this episode of DevRel Book Club, Devocate's Tessa Kriesel joins Matthew and Ramón to share how Superfans has informed her developer relations practice.
  • 02:12: Tessa talks about how Guitar Hero brought her into DevRel.
  • 06:05: How Tessa found the Superfans.
  • 08:50: The importance of anecdotes in sharing ideas.
  • 11:15: Connecting with people helps build communities.
  • 15:03: The book shares eleven steps for how to build a community.
  • 17:00: Superfans seems to encourage sharing aspects of your private life to make a connection. Does that work for DevRel?
  • 32:00: Understanding how to deliver quick wins in community.
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