George Mitrovic: Lost Civilizations of the Pacific Islands


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George Mitrovic was born in 1955 in Wagga Wagga in Australia. George is an authority on the unknown and was involved with Alternative Lifestyle publications in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. George has written a new series of books called the Atlas and History Series to do with phenomena ranging from UFOs through to Lakesmonsters to Hairy Hominoids and several other bizarre subjects and new titles will be coming out soon. The first is to do with UFOs from 1800 to 1977.
George has discovered Wormholes and how to plot their progress on the surface of the Earth and has been researching this subject since the early 1970s. George has discovered synchronicities and periodicities to a multitude of phenomena based on incidences in time and space. This is all explained in "Gateways to the Gods", also on Kindle.
George brings a totally different slant to the origins of many strange phenomena occurring on our planet and how they are all tied in together.
At the moment George is working on a history of Cataclysms and their Cosmic triggers over the last one million years. The conclusions are startling and their effects on past civilizations still influence us today.

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