Richard Alley: "Paleoclimate is like reading history. It's like reading the diary of the Earth"


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In this interview with professor Richard Alley, from Penn State University, we speak about the climate of our planet in the past, and about how it is written in the ice of the polar ice caps or in the sediments of the bottom of the ocean. We speak about the predictive ability of climate models, about earthquakes triggered by glacial mass movement and about the role of CO2 in global warming. We conclude with some reflections about the future of energy production in our planet. Professor Alley visited Spain to receive the Fronteras del Conocimiento Award of the BBVA Foundation for Climate Change. We are grateful to the BBVA Foundation to provide us with the possibility of talking with professor Alley. This conversation was the basis for a radio show on paleoclimate and how ice provides techniques to study it. You can listen to it (in Spanish) here: This interview was recorded on June 22nd, 2015 at the headquarters of the BBVA Foundation in Madrid.

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