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The premiere Christian business podcast for Kingdom entrepreneurs, owners and faith-based leaders. Imagine your profits, your employees, your customers — every part of your Christian business experienced an increase in freedom, both in Christ and commerce. You can experience this reality as the owner of a Kingdom startup or enterprise. And we'll show you how. Eternal Entrepreneurs are Christian business leaders who can solve problems in the spiritual realm and manifest those outcomes in the physical world. Listen today if you are a faith-based company or want to grow in marketplace ministry. The podcast has two formats: Lunch Breaks — short, easy to digest episodes on business skill and spiritual discipline. Typically 10-20 minutes. Interviews — smart, curated discussions with the best spiritual and business thinkers in the Kingdom. Typically 45-60 minutes. Who do we serve? If you consider yourself a successful Kingdom business leader, Christian entrepreneur, or faith driven CEO, you'll enjoy the show. If you really want to accelerate your company, then you need lots of on-demand content. So we went out and found the very best inspirational topics and speakers around.

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