true & faithful (revelation 21:5-7)


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This message was preached at New Testament Christian Fellowship on June 13, 2021. Its focus is upon the second thing that John hears in Revelation 21, the voice of GOD ALL IN ALL from the throne, the exhortation of a very personal God who promises to make all things new and commands John to write down His Words, for they are TRUE and FAITHFUL. Some preachers think the Book of Revelation is apocalyptic, symbolic, allegorical, figurative, confusing, hard to understand, unimportant, and irrelevant for today, but God says these words are TRUE and FAITHFUL. If what the Lord says it true, then this Book can be understood and should be preached. This particular message concludes by looking at the personal invitation of God to come and drink from water of life FREELY (21:6b-7). The first word from God ever omitted or misquoted was “freely” (Genesis 2:15), and it has since been a great stumblingblock for many who reject the Word of the Lord and trust in their own righteousness.

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