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Insightful. In-depth. Thought-provoking news coverage that raises all kinds of questions. Insightful Crap News Every Sunday at 9pm (EST), FNN consistently delivers you its keen insights on your world. From current events, poly-tricks, human disinterest stories, as well as the full gamut of everything else you'd expect in an astoundingly worthless, hour long 12-minute newscast. In-Depth Crap Coverage We go deep. Balls-deep with our up-to-the-minute investigative news coverage. Our reporters are dumb enough to blaze past Death's door to bring you those stories nobody cares about. Now THAT is journalistic commitment. Or something. Thought Provoking Crap Our investigative team forays into territories any REAL journalist wouldn't bother to get killed in. That makes us betterer.

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