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The #NFL offseason brings constant news items but which are truly actionable for #fantasyfootball? That's where @dwainmcfarland and @DrakeFantasy come in. The Fantasy Football Hustle hosts go through the top news from OTA's and decide what is insightful and what is pure trash.
Topics include:
- #Jets WR depth chart with Elijah Moore and Keelan Cole emerging.
- The impact of Julio Jones on the #Titans offense, plus the fallout with the #Falcons
- Is Melvin Gordon really being phased out of the #Broncos offense for a rookie?
- Are the Bears REALLY going to start Andy Dalton over Justin Fields?
- Reports state Patrick Mahomes had a new favorite target in #Chiefs camp.
- The #Jaguars hype continues to grow. Which WR are you targeting (if any)?
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