The cost of living crisis and the way forward with James Meadway


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Right now, we are seeing the effects of rapidly rising energy prices, rising prices of food and commodities, interest rates, and inflation in the UK and the rest of Europe. How can we solve this cost of living crisis? We had a chat with economist James Meadway at the Norwegian Social Forum, together with Gnist marxistisk tidsskrift. In this episode, we discuss how the left can imagine real, socially just alternatives to the neoliberal system we are seeing today. How can a just, green transition look like? Also, Daniel explains why the book "Ministry for the Future" might provide some answers to the struggle ahead.
In the studio: Sigrid Elise Høeg, fra Krise til Håp, and Daniel Vernegg, Gnist marxistisk tidsskrift.
Guest: James Meadway.
Producer: Sigrid Elise Høeg and Sara Andersen Vågenes

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