James Caspian - on the collective unconscious and culture conflicts


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James Caspian is a psychotherapist interested in Jungian psychology. He has a practice in Sussex and in the North Pennines. He worked for a decade in a clinical setting with people undergoing gender transition, and was a trustee of the Beaumont Trust, a charity which helped 'trans' people of all descriptions. He trained the public sector and NHS staff in transgender awareness. He became caught up in the cultural conflicts of the 21st century when he was refused permission by his university to research detransitioners, and took the university to court, a case which is now going to the European Court of Human Rights. He has subsequently become an adviser to media and has taken part in many documentaries and interviews about transgender issues. James and I talked about his 'controversial' planned research into detransition and more widely about a Jungian interpretation for the current cultural conflicts, covering the trans narrative, detransition, Covid, cancel culture and free speech. His freethinking recommendation is 'The Undiscovered Self' by Carl Jung. Please support more episodes of Freethinking on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lauradodsworth

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