408: Andrew Bogut on Basketball, Social Justice Politics in the NBA, and Australia’s Lockdown Measures


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Andrew Bogut is one of Australia’s most decorated basketball exports. He was the first overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft, won an NBA championship in 2015 with the Golden State Warriors, and spent 15 years honing his craft in the States, making about US$120M in career earnings.

He also represented the Australian Boomers on three separate Olympic Games.

Away from the court, Bogut has been an outspoken critic of Australia and in particular, the State of Victoria’s lockdown measures.

In this conversation, we unpack:

  • Bogut’s early years and what it took to make it in the big leagues
  • Social justice politics in the NBA
  • Victoria’s lockdown restrictions and civil unrest
  • Raising kids to be hungry, despite being born into money
  • And more.

We also cover some very important ground, such as Bogut’s favorite Croatian food, and who he would pick to start in a hypothetical Yugoslavia 2021 basketball team.

You can find Bogut on Twitter at @andrewbogut, Instagram at @andrewbogut, and on the Rogue Bogues podcast.

With that, I bring you the one and only, Andrew Bogut.

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