115 | Hardstyle Symphonies – Mozhart [Juni 2021]


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1. Techno Noize & Qulex - Terrified (Original Mix) 2. El Alfa, Steve Aoki, Willy William, Play-N-Skillz, Sean Paul, Sfera Ebbasta - Mambo (feat. Sean Paul, El Alfa, Sfera Ebbasta & Play-N-Skillz) (Timmy Trumpet Extended Remix) 3. The Pitcher, Brennan Heart - When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Mix) 4. The Prophet - Creatures Of The Night (Original Mix) 5. Devin Wild, KELTEK, Diandra Faye - Creature feat. Diandra Faye (Original Mix) 6. Brennan Heart - MF Real (Extended Mix) 7. Primeshock - Power Up (Extended Mix) 8. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Takin' Off (DJ Isaac Remix) (Extended Mix) 9. Hardwell - Spaceman (Dr Phunk Extended Remix) 10. Ran-D, Kronos - Virtual Reality (Extended Mix) 11. Frequencerz - Silence (Extended Mix) 12. Timmy Trumpet, Nitti Gritti - Hey Motherfucker (Extended Mix) 13. Alee, Sub Sonik, Demi Kanon - End Is Near feat. Alee (Extended Mix) 14. Dr Rude - 3301 (Extended Mix) 15. Francesco Zeta - Jump Like a Mf (Original Mix) 16. Eternate x Maxtreme - Can't Buy Life - Alphachoice - Rise Up 17. Zatox, Audiofreq - Future Bass (Extended Mix) 18. Hatom - Kassa Scanner (Original Mix) 19. Rooler - LOVE U BABY (Extended Mix) 20. Sub Zero Project - A New Beginning (Extended Mix) 21. Sub Zero Project, Rebelion - Sinners Paradise (Extended Mix) 22. Medtraxx - Lost in Paradise (Original Mix) 23. Digital Punk, Snowflake, Act of rage, Sefa - Till Sunrise feat. Sefa (Sefa & Act of Rage Remix) 24. Dr. Peacock, Sefa - Incoming (Original Mix) 25. Dr. Peacock, Sefa - Everything is a Lie (Original Mix) 26. Kutski, GPF - Stare Into My Eyes (Pro Mix)

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