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EVIL ZOMBIE ROBOTS! OH NOES! Time to meet our favorite geek princess with prehensile hair, a penchant for tiny food, and lots of robot friends-- it's ENTRAPTA of course! Major shout-out for neurodiversity representation in animation (You best believe that drunk Adora can't say that three times fast). To celebrate Entrapta, we have not one, but TWO guests for your ears: Stephanie Burt, professor of English literature at Harvard University; plus a hot hot interview segment with disability advocate and hilarious human Mishy Kats! *Full interview will air separately--stay tuned!

*Alcohol/Substance Use chat starts at 59 minutes and ends at 1:05.*

Where to find Stephanie Burt:

Twitter- @accommodatingly

After Challimachus: "Contemporary translations and adaptations of ancient Greek poet Callimachus by noted writer and critic Stephanie Burt." https://bit.ly/3k0twEh

Where to find Mishy Kats:

Twitter- @Badvolk_

Instagram- @Badvolk


Episode Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2NChhC0

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