Boston Biotech Series: Finding a Position in Boston Biotech


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Carina Clingman, PhD is a Principal and Founder of Recruitomics Biotalent Consulting, a biotechnology hiring and recruitment agency based in Cambridge, MA. Carina originally trained as a biochemist, earning her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. At Recruitomics, she leverages her expertise to find the best candidates for biotech positions, with a special focus on staffing roles and working with hiring managers in biotech startups. In this episode, Carina discusses her motivation behind starting her own consulting firm, and she generously shares a wealth of information about hiring trends for the life sciences both broadly and locally in Boston. Additionally, we discuss how candidates can prepare for the process of interviewing and negotiating salaries, and touch on the differences in expectations when working for startups or a larger pharmaceutical company.

Hosted by Joe Varriale and Jenna Glatzer.

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