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Paul Yourik, Ph.D., is a Scientist at Moderna, a pioneering mRNA technology platform company specializing in vaccine and therapeutic development for a range of disease areas. Prior to Moderna, Paul received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, training as an RNA biochemist. He later completed an industry postdoc at New England Biolabs, where he characterized different CRISPR products with commercialization potential. In this episode, we discuss his unique perspective on working in various research environments from academia, to government, and industry. We also dive into more detail about some of the techniques he uses in his work, such as next generation sequencing (NGS). Paul additionally discusses the value he found in completing an industry postdoc, and shares his advice in finding an industry position.

Hosted by Joe Varriale and Jenna Glatzer.

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