Boston Biotech Series: Succeeding in a Biotech Career with Dr. Michelle Ols


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Dr. Michelle Ols is a Director and the Head of Cell Therapy at Obsidian Therapeutics. Obsidian Therapeutics is a private, Cambridge-based biotech company focused on the development of engineered cell and gene therapies for a range of indications. Obsidian has also pioneered their proprietary cytoDRiVE™ technology platform that leverages drug-responsive domains (DRDs) to control protein function using an FDA-approved small molecule. Prior to joining Obsidian, Michelle held several R&D positions in both small and large biotech companies, focusing on drug discovery for immunological applications. Michelle completed her Ph.D. from the Cellular and Molecular Medicine program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and later went on to complete postdoctoral training at both JHSOM and later Yale studying B cell activation in models of lupus.

In this episode, we have an in-depth scientific discussion about Obsidian’s cutting-edge technology platform, and Michelle offers insights into how she built up the skills necessary to find success in a biotech career.

Hosted by Jenna Glatzer and Joe Varriale.

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