Hospital Podcast with Degs #463


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Join us as the one and only Degs hosts the #463 episode of the Hospital Podcast which was live and direct from the Hospital HQ!


Pola & Bryson - 24/7

Alexvnder & Natus - Revelation

Askel & Elere - Nothing More (feat. YENIAS) (Etherwood Remix)

Redeyes & Tokyo Prose - Yukon

Etherwood - Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

GLXY - Butterfly Effect (feat. Hugh Hardie & Visionobi) (Nu:Tone Remix)

Slay - Taste Of Gold (feat. Lenzman & A Little Sound)

Netsky - Iron Heart (Nu:Logic Remix)

In:Most - Silhouette (feat. Visionobi) (Flava D Remix)

Askel & Elere - Thrice

Solah - Love For Me Too

Original Sin & Thrice - Chronic

Monrroe - Warsaw

Vektah - Request (Whiney Remix)

Gyrofield - Tech Flex

Mountain - I’m Free (feat. Kojo) (Hugh Hardie Remix)

Low:r & Bloom - I Got Your Love

Grafix - Stutter (Circumference Re-Spin)

Synergy - Obsession

Fred V - Program & Control (Vektah Remix)

Lenzman - String City

In:Most & Etherwood - Bloodstream

Degs - Unwritten

Nu:Tone - Reverie

Congo Natty - Music 4 Da Soul (feat. Courtney Melody)

The Upbeats - We Don’t Lie

DJ Hybrid - One For The Headz

Dopplershift - Flowers (feat. Finnadrift) DEGSCLUSIVE

Bop x Subwave - Don’t Wake Me Up (Pola & Bryson)

Degs - Can We Talk? (feat. Nu:Tone & Duskee) (imo-Lu Remix)

Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn

Mechanizm - Mystic VIP

Urbandawn - They Told Me (feat. Thomas Oliver)

Keeno - Troopers Peak

Ruth Royall - New Love (feat. Makoto) (Logistics Remix)

Lens - Give Me A Reason

1991 - Nothing Left To Lose

Disrupta - Empty Promises

BMotion - Reflections (Fred V Remix)

Winslow - Everything & More (feat. Pete Simpson) (Askel & Elere Remix)

Whiney - No Good (In:Most Remix)

Solah - Fly (Mountain Remix)

Conrad Subs - Gunsmoke Dub

DJ Hybrid, Mrs Magoo & Rider Shafique - Back To ‘96 (Vocal VIP)

K Motionz - Breathe (feat. Tempza)

Genlemans Club - Wasted Time (feat. The Slopes)

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