Hospital Podcast with Degs #464


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Join us as the one and only Degs hosts the #464 episode of the Hospital Podcast live and direct from the Hospital HQ!


IYRE - Psychedelics

Keeno - Communications

T & Sugah - In Control (feat. Mara Necia)

Bachelors Of Science - Different Eyes (feat. Pat Fulgoni & Ben Soundscape)

Hologram - One & Twos

Bert H & Hiraeth - Prisoners

Justin Hawkes - Neverafter

Ark Patrol - Let Go (NJ Edit VIP)

Hugh Hardie & In:Most - Squelcher

Eloquin - Feel So

DJ Sofa - Big Boys In Bristol

Soundman - Sirens (feat. 3K3)

Cliques - Back Up (feat. Grim Sickers)

Bremlin - Rub-A-Dub Style

Clipz - No Time (feat. Nia Archives & Beenie Man)

DJ Sofa - Ghetto Red Hot

Phil Tangent - Wonder

DRS, Amilie Rachel & Mindstate - Want You Back

Vex - Run It

McLeod & Symptom - Show Me What You Got

Vektah - (feat. PAV4N & T-Man)

Vex - Selecta

Whiney - Flashlight (feat. Inja)

Dogger, tominthechamber & Haribo - Slow Down

Foreign Concept & Phase - Heart & Soul

Hiraeth - Our Love

Blacklab - Unreal

dBridge & Jubei - Show Me

Jon Tho - Don’t Want To Know

McLeod & Symptom - The Weapon

Hologram - Looking Down

Enei - No Man

In:Most - China Shop

Klinical - In Vain

Jon Tho - Smile (feat. Freshney)

Collette Warren, DJ Marky, & Tyler Daley - One Exception (Pola & Bryson Remix)

IYRE - Conquest Of Space

Askel & Elere - Perfect Symmetry (feat. Riya)

Russ Chimes - We Need Nothing To Collide (Logistics Remix)

Kasra - Black Lemonade

De:tune - Hard Lessons (feat. Degs)

Winslow - Thinking Of You (feat. T.R.A.C.)

Wardown - Graphite & Glitter

Bop x Subwave x Degs - The Shade

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