Hospital Podcast with Degs #468


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We're back for episode 468 of The Hospital Podast! Tune in for your much-needed dose of D&B and good vibes courtesy of the one and only Degs.

Tracklist -

Degs - The Connection (feat. Nu:Tone & Charli Brix)

Commix - Emiley’s Smile

Etherwood - yanomi

Hadley - Be Free

Hugh Hardie - Blush (feat. Zara Kershaw)

HLZ - Iverson

In:Most - Light Up The Night (feat. Karina Ramage)

Osmani Soundz - Crush

DRS - Want You Back (feat. Emilie Rachel & Mindset)

HumaNature - Cribles

Grey Code - Actress

DRS - Embers Reign (feat. Calibre)

Logistics - Wide Lens

Jon Tho - In Silence

Hologram - Undercover

Hologram - ID

Mampi Swift - Loftgroove

Voltage & Sweetie Irie - Load Up

Trex - Cresta Run

Waeys - Unfinished Business

Trex - I Know

Posk - Basement (Formula Remix)

Kawstic - Get Off My Lap

Visionobi - Wayside (feat. Mikal)

Melinki x Macca - The ISM

Petroll - Balto

Sigma x Queen Millz - Little Things (Serum Remix)

Justin Hawkes - Existential

Duoscience - I’m With You

DRS - Summer (feat. Tyler Daley & Dogger)

Alpha Rhythm & Pyxis - Paradise Lost)

GES-E & Shandy - Persian Dreams

Kimyan Law - Sol (feat. ELYN)

Foreign Concept & Phase - Nature Itself

Blacklab - You Know

IYRE - Stories From Kalash Valley

Madcap - Come Around

MEL - Cyber City

Emperor - All I Ever Wanted

Lens - Feels Like (Workforce Remix)

DRS - Comme Ci (feat. T95)

Kimyan Law - Mama (feat. ELYN)

Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise

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