Catch The Show Ep. 62: Post Malone - Runaway Tour 2019


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THE FINAL CTS EPISODE OF 2019! This episode, I talk about my somewhat "enlightening" time seeing Post Malone live at one of his shows on the "Runaway Tour". Along with that, I also talk about the recent passing of rapper Juice WRLD, some big rock band comebacks & Chance The Rapper cancelling his tour. Have a happy holidays & listen next episode in 2020 for my "Top 10 Shows of 2019"! Support the Hyphen Podcast Group on Patreon: Follow me so you can keep up with episodes and more on my Twitter & Instagram : @catcherofshows Make sure you keep up with all Hyphen Podcast Group shows on our Twitter & Instagram: @hyphenpodcastgroup Check out my new podcast, The Underground Monster Show, here: --- Send in a voice message:

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