Intercepted Imperial Transmissions: S3:E37


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In today's episode, James Bond returns to the small screen before his return to the silver screen.

ScarJo and the Mouse continue to wail at each other in the courtroom.

Marvel & DC do the artists/authors wrong!

Disney starts actively casting for a "live-action" Sabine Wren!

The Admiral and Librarian butt heads over a TV show, what else is new. :)

In the main event, "Marvel 'What if?'", a show that is well drawn, well animated, and well voiced. Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan reprise their roles.

Captain Carter...Hydra killer extraordinaire! Does this "What if?" remove Sharon Carter from that multiverse? and WHY didn't Steve Rogers not send a postcard to himself with a message to not kiss Sharon?

So grab some a chair and hold on to your seat, the multiverse will never be the same.

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