James Funnyhat's Table of Fables


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James Funnyhat is a modern day Fableist whose dynamic storytelling captivates, mesmerizes, and inspires children to think about life a little more deeply while they listen and laugh. James tells fables from the ancient past and from the present moment, all with his unique style of narration and original musical score. This podcast is for those quiet moments when young minds are ready to surrender to the ancient art of the story to work it's contemplative magic - sit down at the Table of Fables! Some stories are new, some are ancient, but all are for for children 4 and over who want to grow up to be the heroes of tomorrow - wise, brave, and kind. A good story is part mirror, part telescope, part microscope, part toy, part campfire, and part nourishing bowl of soup. James Funnyhat invites you to sit down at this table of fables, take a deep breath, and let your imagination soar!

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