Friday, July 16, 2021


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A Fun Friday crossword, challenging but with not too many tripping hazards (aka proper nouns, such as 40A, Big name in pizza rolls, TOTINOS, and 15D, Short-story writer Bret, HARTE). 19A Thin in tone, TINNY, was tricky because we had almost an identical clue the day before, the answer to which was REEDY. Very tricky, Mr. Shortz! A few "today-I-learned" moments arose courtesy of 29A, When doubled, a 2010s hip-hop fad, NAE, and 54A, She's the responsible one in the group, colloquially, MOMFRIEND; 22A, Ford vehicle, familiarly, INDY, was also a bit of a surprise and most decidedly unfamiliar. A nice puzzle, all-in-all, we will dance a quick NAENAE in its honor, and give it a 5 squares on the JAMCR scale.

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