Podcast 18 – Kate & William’s public engagement cancelled out of respect to Prince Phillip.


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Kate and William and other members of the Royal Family have cancelled some of their planned public engagements, out of respect to the late Duke of Edinburgh who passed away on April 9th. Per the Royal Family UK website, The Queen approved the UK Prime Minister’s recommendation that there will be a period of National Mourning beginning on Friday 9 April until Saturday 17 April, the day of the funeral. Additionally, it is The Queen's wish that the Royal Family will observe two weeks of Royal Mourning starting on Friday 9 April. During this period, Members of the Royal Family will continue undertaking engagements appropriate to the circumstances. Mourning bands will be worn where appropriate.

Prince William and Kate were due to take part in the annual British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, the BAFTAs. Prince William was appointed president of BAFTA in 2010. Prince Phillip had served as the first president of BAFTA between 1959 to 1965.
William pulled out of the event ahead of time, likely feeling that it would have been inappropriate for him to have attended so close to the announcement of the death of his grandfather.

Prince William and Kate have now released an in-memoriam message in honour of Prince Phillip.

William wrote about how his grandfather’s century of life was defined by service – to his Country and Commonwealth, to his wife The Queen, and to William and his family.

William spoke fondly of how Prince Phillips had guided William both through good times and the hardest days. No doubt a reference to the role played by Prince Phillip in the days immediately following the death of William and Harry’s mom Princess Diana. It was Prince Phillips who reportedly encouraged both boys to walk with him behind Diana’s funeral casket as a mark of respect.

In his statement William also expressed his gratitude to his grandfather for the kindness he showed to Kate. William said how pleased he was to have had his grandfather in his life for so many years. William talked about Phillip’s infectious sense of adventure as well as his mischievous sense of humour - something William and Kate’s kids got to enjoy.

William ended by describing his grandfather as having been an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. Saying that he and Kate would continue to do what Phillip would have wanted, which is to support the Queen in the years ahead, and to get on with the job!

William and Kate’s message was posted on their own social media accounts and also on the Royal Family Twitter account, accompanied by a photograph showing Prince Phillip driving a horse drawn carriage. Beside Phillip is a younger Prince George, smiling away and balancing a book on his knees as he sits up on the carriage beside his great-grandfather.

The photograph was taken by Kate.

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