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Ladies of Valhalla is a monthly, family-friendly podcast looking at all aspects of nerd culture, with a focus on female-identifying creators & characters. The concept was born out of Kelly Sue DeConnicks #VisibleWomen campaign on Twitter, and the Ladies felt that there needed to be more representation of female-identifying creators year-round, which is in no way a dismissive statement of #VisibleWomen which does amazing work bringing creators together. We chose to look mainly at comics, long-form fiction, movies, and TV shows. For us, it was important to be reaching new audiences, who are not necessarily catered for by a mainstream audience, especially mainstream comics media. We wanted to create a show and website for all; all ages, all genders, all sexualities. Bringing together our varied educational and work backgrounds of design, science, and literature we created our podcast and website as a way of talking about those creators and characters we felt would benefit from better promotion or a wider audience.

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