68: Design and technology with Valerie Fox


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When working in cross functional teams combining design, technology and a human centered viewpoint, true magic happens. Today's guest is a pioneer in this field. She was the creative director of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she holds multiple patents and co-founded the highly successful DMZ incubator at Ryerson University in Canada. Valerie Fox has even been called Canada's Queen of Innovation, and she is our guest for this episode.
We discuss:

  • How was it to start working at the tech juggernaut IBM in the early 90s as a designer?
  • How did she become the creative director of the Sydney Olympics?
  • She tells the story of how she came up with the idea of the iPad before there was an iPad, and scored multiple patents for it.
  • What effect did sci-fi have on her career?
  • What advice does she has for designers of today?

Valerie's company The Pivotal Point

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