A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – July 25, 2022 – Alan Branhagen on Natives


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I’ve been undertaking more native-plant-focused garden transformations in recent years, as I know many of you listening have, too. Today’s guest is a naturalist with a background in landscape architecture who’s been making wildish gardens for decades, both at home and in his public-garden career.

Alan Branhagen is here to talk about some of his own native plant adventures–and to highlight some native annuals for us that can play various key roles in our gardens as they do at his place, too.

Alan Branhagen, a lifelong naturalist with a background in landscape architecture, is director of operations at the 1,200-acre Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in suburban Minneapolis. He is the former director of horticulture at Powell Gardens in Kansas City, and the author of two books on Midwestern native plants.

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