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Mukti is an American spiritual teacher and has been the Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sanga since 2004 and has been a student of her husband Adyashanti, since he began teaching in 1996, when they founded Open Gate Sangha together. In our conversation we explore the big topic of awakening. We speak about reflecting on what spiritual words mean for oneself. About different kind of awakenings in the mind, heart, and gut. The shift from wanting a certain meditative experience to exploring what’s already here. Going from the observer to just observing, that life is our best teacher and about being a lover of truth. We speak about pointing out instructions and how to use them skillfully. Using the inquiry: what am I, instead of who am I. Being sincere about what it is that we deeply want to know. And the inquiry: what is stillness? Mukti ends our conversation by guiding a meditation where we invite stillness and rest.

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