#7 - How to get started with Data Management & Sustainability (Eng)


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Another episode in English!
How to get started with Data Management? What is a "Data Dugnad"? And what can we as data professionals do to help companies achieve their sustainability goals?
Geoffrey van IJzendoorn-Joshi, Head of Data Management at Møller Mobility Group, and I talked about these topics and much more.
Geoffrey had some really interesting thoughts on how to approach Data Management in a company the size of Møller Mobility Group. Here are some of his key points:

  1. The key stakeholder in DM is you! You have to have faith in what you are doing and figure out how you learn and even more important: How you teach and spread your knowledge and how you can motivate others
  2. Don't forget about your Subject Matter Experts, they are key stakeholders that can leverage support for your initiative.
  3. The importance of Change Management cannot be mentioned often enough.

Other topics we covered are:

  • The value of Data Management Maturity assessments
  • Should Data be part of the business or digital?
  • Suststainability and the emission numbers of data

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