Episode #6 - Perspective, Perseverance and a Zombie Apocalypse


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What do birthday shenanigans, Texas snowstorms and a zombie apocalypse have in common?
Perspective and Perseverance.
Birthday shenanigans aren't that bad if you're able to look back without any drama and no hangovers. Texas snowstorms aren't that bad if you're able to look back knowing you were surrounded by family and had a generator. Zombie apocalypses aren't that bad if you're able to to look back and be grateful you didn't miss that 5 a.m. workout and didn't quit when you were tired of waking up so early...cause outrunning zombies is tiring as a mother f*****!
Join us as we tell you the story about how two completely different paths can lead to the same destination. There is no right or wrong way of getting there, it's just a matter of getting there and the attitude you take along with you.
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