Ep45 Mustafa Akyol Reopening Muslim Minds


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In this episode, we have the honour of having with us journalist and author Mustafa Akyol. He is relevant these days with his new book Reopening muslim minds and we want to connect this book with our recent series on Islamic philosophy.

We start with if the school of rationality can claim orthodoxy, and how this was a debate since the start of Islamic era. We discuss the different dilemma facing a society based on a theocratic or aggressive secular state. Why school of rationality and Islamic philosophy in general is frowned upon, and how to open up these debates in order to make Islamic theology more in tune with contemporary realities.

In end we also discuss what the future holds for Islamic thought, and why - of all places - might it be in the west, in a position of minority, that Islamic thought will get a new revamp.

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