PaxWorld's Keefe is optimistic for '22, but CenterSquare's Crowe isn't


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Joe Keefe, president of Impax Asset Management and the Pax World Funds, says that investors should be focused on good news about the economy, balancing out concerns with inflation and interest rates to come away expecting a pretty good year in 2022. Keefe doesn't expect the market to see the kind of high returns it has delivered this year, but he says the economy still has a lot of potential to grow to make the new year better than many expect. Among those not seeing great things ahead is Scott Crowe, chief investment officer at CenterSquare Investment Management, who says that Covid concerns, high inflation, the expectation of rising interest rates and more factors to lead to a 'mid-cycle slowdown.' Crowe also says of real estate markets that 'Office is the new retail,' meaning that demographic and other changes impacting the commercial real estate market are likely to be every bit as impactful on office space as the evolution of the Internet and at-home shopping has been on retail properties. Also on the show, Chuck answers more audience questions about U.S. savings Bonds, and expresses his appreciation for Sam Stewart, founder of the Wasatch Funds and former Money Life guest, who died last week.

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