Former Nebraska Coach and current FS1 and B1G analyst Tim Miles sits down with Hawk.


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Tim Miles is the former Head Coach at North Dakota St., Colorado St, and Nebraska. He's been successful and won everywhere he's gone.
He's now an analyst for FS1, B1G Network and has a highly successful and entertaining podcast called "Inside the Mind of Miles." That's an interesting place to go!
Join Miles and Coach Hawk as they trade coaching stories and discuss making the transition into the media/podcast world. Both are coaches at heart and talk about getting back into the business and what they're looking for in their next gig.
Back by popular demand, the 'Free Throw" segment is back! Hawk plays topic toss with Miles and puts him on the hot seat with topics like the worst mascot or logo he's ever seen, the time he got kicked out of an NCAA Tournament game, and much more.
There's never a dull moment with Tim Miles!
The tip-off segment answers the question about what happens to scholarships if and when the day comes where college education is free to all.
In the Buzzer Beater Coach Hawk delves into the mystery of why it's so hard to be GREAT at something while remaining well liked and respected.
Have fun and listen in!

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