Insurance, big-ticket maintenance, time off to recharge... What's your biggest business challenge?


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Answers to that question in this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast from the four owners pictured here. The lightning round comes by way of truckers showing their equipment in the Walcott Truckers Jamboree's Super Truck Beauty Contest two weeks ago: Owner-operator Christopher Young, a one-truck livestock hauler several years into trucking with his own authority out of Shellsburg, Iowa. The veteran, Ashville, Alabama-based team of Michael and Jackie Wallace, hauling van freight yet working through some of the same challenges as the much younger livestock hauler. We talk to Hallahan Transport small fleet owner Rob Hallahan, who's concerned about the prospects of regulatory change (the insurance hike being currently considered). He's also dealing with the difficulties that come with growth. Finally: Minnesota-based Aaron Walters, A heavy-hauling owner-op who is second-generation in the family business. For him, growth limitations are top of mind -- if the business could just find more independents to contract with to haul under contract with their wind-energy and other customers. What emerges are four distinct yet overlapping pictures of trucking at that Midwest mecca for the kind of camaraderie among owner-operators that's sometimes hard to come by out on the road. Yes, there was no shortage of that in Iowa, too. So hang on tight. Read more about Hallahan Transport via this link: Follow these links for more coverage from the Walcott Truckers Jamboree itself:

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