The first Mother's Day Make-a-Wish convoy in Pennsylvania, remembered with George Ruelens


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This special edition of Overdrive Radio is part of our weekly 60th-anniversary series of stories with a significant historical aspect, as it's got no doubt in spades. It features the voice of former trucker George Ruelens, telling his tale in a 2019 interview about what’s become a veritable institution out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- the annual Mother’s Day truck convoy benefiting the Make-a-Wish foundation. In 2019, the convoy featured 650 trucks in its 30th year, a huge amount of growth over the course of three decades from the first one, which Ruelens well-remembers. With last year’s event sidelined amid the initial COVID outbreak, the 2021 event on May 9 upcoming should be every bit as impressive:;jsessionid=00000000.app208a?fr_id=3758&pg=entry Find more pictures from Ruelens' archive from the first even in the late 1980s via Read more of our weekly 60th-anniversary series of dispatches from trucking history in Overdrive:

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