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NEW! Interactive prayer podcast, each weekday! Listen in Monday through Friday for a daily word of peace practicing prayer disciplines!
Peace Be Still- Daily prayer download is our Monday-Friday interactive prayer podcast! The program can be found on all major podcast providers! In 10 minutes or less you can experience the following prayer sessions with God:
- Mellow Mondays: Breath prayer and silence for peace
- Tranquil Tuesdays: Visualize scripture promises for peace
- Worship Wednesdays: Worship exercises for peace
- Thoughtful Thursdays: Repeat and reflect on scripture for peace
- Friend Fridays: Experience the presence and person of Christ for peace
​Often episodes include prayer over you, so take advantage and come under a covering of prayer!
Enjoy this time in God's presence, He has an unchanging Word to the chaotic waters of heart and mind, “Peace, be still.” He will calm and quiet the waters within, strengthening your soul in these tumultuous times. Blessings on receiving a greater measure of peace that surpasses understanding, guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus! Please share with a friend and consider leaving a review!

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